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New Steel Roofers To Attend Summer Show

New Steel Roofers, a metal roofing company in Kitchener will be attending the North Bay Home and Garden Expo

North Bay Home and Garden Expo is going to be held for a period of three days in North Bay, Canada. Technical and professional experts related to construction industry will attend this event and will get a chance to understand the significance of all kinds of building materials and household products in the recent times.

At the same time by attending this expo interested home owners and buyers can interact and communicate with the home builders and contractors by attending this expo. North Bay Home and Garden Expo is a must attend event for the home owners and home buyers, builders, contractors, architects and decision makers from all over the world. Home improvement techniques and ideas will be given supreme importance in this expo.

New Steel Roofer Kitchener

Construction Safety Training Video: Scaffolding Requirements Summary

The extreme presence of scaffolding at a job site develops a hazardous work environment. Falls, falling items and structure instability are all hazardous possibilities. OSHA scaffolding demands and the 1996 revisions to 29 CFR 1926.451 make working on or around scaffolding much safer.

Initially embraced in 1971, OSHA’s very first scaffolding requirements stayed reasonably the same until 1996. The 1996 modifications are performance-based, meanings that the guidelines aren’t as stiff as in other requirements. The specifics of compliance depend on the kinds of scaffolding used, the situations they are made use of in and the workers utilizing them.

The modifications likewise deal with types of scaffolding formerly not discussed, the higher options of personal fall-protection systems offered to workers, and training.
Since of the complexity and size of this standard, this document will only discuss three topics: training, fall security and working safe ranges from stimulated power lines.

OSHA Requirements And Training

If you require more information on another facet of this standard, please refer to the OSHA website or 29 CFR 1926.451. You also could call us at 800-356-2501.

Before 1996, it was estimated that more than 70 percent of employees just got on-the-job training and 25 percent got no training at all. To avoid this from continuing, OSHA strengthened the training requirements.
Due to the fact that this standard is efficiency based, there are no particular topics that should be covered throughout training. Appendix D of the scaffold standard provides the following synopsis for the training of all users of scaffolding:.
General Introduction of Scaffolding.
Regulations and standards.
Erection/dismantling planning.
PPE and proper procedures.
Fall protection.
Material handling.
Working platforms.
Braces, people and ties.

Chris Thibeault produces videos as freelancer out of his studio in Boston, Massachusetts.

In addition, the policy recommends a more detailed conversation of the following items when making use of these certain types of scaffolding:.

The extremely presence of scaffolding at a task website develops an unsafe work environment. OSHA scaffolding demands and the 1996 revisions to 29 CFR 1926.451 make working on or around scaffolding more secure.

Originally embraced in 1971, OSHA’s very first scaffolding requirements continued to be relatively unmodified until 1996. The 1996 modifications are performance-based, which suggests the policies aren’t as rigid as in other standards. The specifics of compliance depend on the kinds of scaffolding made use of, the scenarios they are utilized in and the employees utilizing them.

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Monroy Roofing & Remodeling

Monroy Roofing & Remodeling will have a table at the 34th Annual Fort Worth Home & Garden Show later this month.

Monroy Roofing Metal Roof Exhibition BoothMonroy Roofing & Remodeling has been is business since 2000, Alvaro has been providing customers with exceptional asphalt roofing repair since 1990. Our expert roofers are also able to help you in the time of emergency by providing you with boards and tarps for safety. We also specialize in dealing with your wood or wrought iron fence needs, new installs or repairs. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we do all we can to ensure the best possible experience.

34th Annual Fort Worth Home & Garden Show

Fort Worth, TX
2/21/2014 – 2/23/2014

The very best place to see, touch, try out and learn about products and services for your home and garden needs!


New Steel Roofers of Toronto at the Toronto Home Show

The Toronto roofing company New Steel Roofers has announced that it will unvail its new line of metal roofing products during the National Home Show set to take place this March at Exhibition Place in Toronto.

The event is scheduled to run from Friday March 14th to Sunday March 28th.

Max Guerra and the rest of the team will be there to talk about the new product lines, the benefits of metal roofing compared to shingles and also how the price of materials have gone down drastically making metal roofing the best choice for homeowners today more than ever.